Some people say that Greek white wines are not up to the red ones, but it's wrong. There are excellent white wines and you'll sometimes be surprised when tasting those that are sold in PET bottles as table wine!
Asyrtiko | Ασύρτικο

A native grape of Santorini, Asyrtiko is considered as the country's best white grape and it has spread to other islands and to mainland Greece. It is said to be close to the white Savagnin or even to the Riesling.

Moschofilero | Μοσχοφίλερο

An aromatic grape variety becoming increasingly trendy. It is characterized by aromas of rose petals and was probably one of the grapes used in the Malvasia, the famous Greek wine of the Middle Ages.

Aidani Aspro | Αηδάνι άσπρο

A native grape of the Cyclades, grown on Santorini and Paros. It is usually blended with Asyrtiko, giving it exotic floral aromas. It is also thought to be one of the grapes used long ago for the Malvasia.

Athiri | Αθήρι

Another varietal of the islands, used mainly in blends, and which has perhaps been one of the grapes used for the Malvasia too.

Monemvasia | Μονεμβασία

Once again, a link to Malvasia is assumed for this grape, and it may have been the main grape used in the blend. Nowadays, it is grown only on Paros.

Malagousia | Μαλαγουζιά

An aromatic grape with a citrus scent, somewhat reminiscent of the Viognier varietal. It was saved from extinction at the end of the twentieth century thanks to a Greek winemaker who discovered its potential for blends.
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