Definitely forget the old and lasting idea of a rustic Greek cooking, bathing in oil: Greece is now a real paradise for gourmets!
The Greek cuisine, of Mediterranean type, uses a lot of extra virgin olive oil and is among the healthiest. The "Cretan diet" is recommended by dieteticians all over the world.

Of course you'll always find the traditional moussaka and souvlaki, and the good old stuffed vine leaves. Obviously, you can come across bad taverns and tourist traps. But on the whole, you'll find fine dining and sophisticated dishes in Greece.

Feel free to discover: don't be afraid to taste dishes that at first seem surprising, such as fried cheese, garlic salad, wild herbs... You'll jump from culinary surprises to true revelations...

To find good restaurants, there is an almost foolproof trick: check the wine list... If there is a nice choice, the cooking is likely to be a good one! Of course, it's not an absolute rule because wine in bottles is not the everyday standard, but it's a rather good tip.

As for solicitations by waiters or the chief on the sidewalk, it's not always a bad sign... Feel free to visit the kitchen, the cook will be happy to show you the dishes and try to explain how they are made!

Don't rely on prices to get an idea of quality: some trendy restaurants, recommended by guides, charge way too much, while unpretentious taverns offer delicious food at reasonable prices.

We won't compile here a huge panorama of Greek cuisine, there are far too many dishes to mention, and a lot of local specialties. We'll just try and make you wish to taste it.

Discover our small selection (of course very subjective and incomplete) of dishes you definitely have to taste...
The Pictorial Guide of the Cyclades

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