Well... we do not have specific recommendations for desserts! For the simple reason that, in Greek restaurants, a widespread usage is to offer guests a little dessert or digestif after a meal...
Portions are usually generous, often a starter for two is enough, and the main course will then fill your appetite (if you are not a big eater, of course). So... you will be totally satiated when the time comes for dessert! Especially since many restaurants, even before serving starters, will offer you a small appetizer...

There is no absolute rule but restaurants rarely let you go without offering you something after a meal: pastries, fruit topped with honey... or a small glass to help you digest!

For dessert, let's talk about digestives you'll probably discover!

A liqueur or a sweet wine? Taste the Mastiha, famous "mastic" liqueur with a unique flavor, a glass of sweet wine like the Mavrodafni, or a Rakomelo, liqueur made of raki (Greek grappa), honey and cinnamon.

Would you prefer something stronger? Try the Metaxa (famous Greek brandy), but it's not so good in our opinion. Try the local pomace brandy instead... the Greek grappa!

This "Greek grappa" has different names: in Crete, it is called "raki" or "tsikoudia", in Paros they say "souma", but the most common name in Greece is "tsipouro". Tsipouro comes in an anise version too (με γλυκάνισο), somewhat similar to ouzo but much better, since distilled from pomace and not from rectified spirit!
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