From the simplest to the most sophisticated, there are dishes for every taste and every budget. And with such a choice that sometimes we forget ordering the traditional moussaka one day or another...
Omeleta choriatiki: a "simple" omelette, but with such a variety of possible ingredients that you'll not get tired of ordering it. Sausages, cold cuts, cheese, paprika, parsley, tomatoes, potatoes... you'll find endless variations!

Pastitsio: a delicious macaroni gratin. Ground meat, cheese, vegetables, bechamel... doesn't it remind you of something? Yes, it's a kind of moussaka cousin, with pasta instead of eggplant!

Papoutsakia: Stuffed eggplant gratin... if you get tired of moussaka! Ground meat, kefalotiri cheese, onions, tomatoes, fresh nutmeg, sometimes a hint of cinnamon... and of course topped with bechamel!

Stifado: a simple stew (beef, veal, pork, rabbit, and so on) you'll find on the menu of almost every restaurant. But what a stew! Tomatoes, lots of tiny white onions, Mavrodafne sweet wine, bay leaf, paprika and cinnamon. A great classic of Greek cuisine.

Bifteki: no, it's not a beefsteak, it's a Greek hamburger! Seasoned with thyme, oregano, garlic, onion and mint, sometimes stuffed with feta or served with a cream or blue cheese sauce, you'll never confuse it with the usual burgers!

Kleftiko: the delicious baked lamb specialty, the "brigands' dish", slowly cooked in an airtight clay oven. On the island of Sifnos, don't forget to try the "mastelo lamb", baked in oven too, but during no less than 6 hours!

Katsika: this is not a dish, it's just the Greek word for "goat". Don't hesitate to taste it when you find it on the menu, if you like lamb meat it's sure to please you too!

Fish and seafood: you'll find of course a big choice of fishes and seafood, but paradoxically they are quite expensive. On the islands, it's easy to find freshly caught fish on the menu, but it's not always the case. Fortunately, deep-freezed fish and seafood (or meat) has to be specifically mentioned as such on the restaurants menus!

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